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cute couples sitting on the cliff edge at lost gulch overlook in boulder colorado during their couples photoshoot

Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder, Colorado is one of my favorite locations to photograph couples! It has stunning views and is easily accessible. Plus, it is close to other amazing portrait locations. You can expect stunning sunsets and a magical blue hour. I still get blown away by it’s beauty.

cute couple smiling at eachother before they are about to kiss during their couples photoshoot at lost gulch overlook in boulder colorado

How to Get to Lost Gulch Overlook?

Lost Gulch Overlook stands majestically atop Flagstaff Mountain. It offers panoramic views of Boulder to the east and the rugged front range of the Rockies to the west. This is a popular destination for tourists, providing an ideal spot to soak in some of the best views in Colorado.

Accessing Lost Gulch involves ascending Flagstaff Mountain. You will pass notable landmarks such as, Flagstaff House, the Halfway House, and Realization Point. Lost Gulch’s parking lot is reached by continuing approximately a mile along Flagstaff Road.

It is important to note that driving up to Lost Gulch can be a bit nerve racking. It is a steep, winding road that demands careful navigation. This is particularly true during fall, winter, or early spring when snow and ice pose significant threats. Adequate preparation, including snow tires and a 4WD vehicle, is crucial for safe travel. Moreover, summertime travelers should be mindful of sharing the road with cyclists. During dawn and dusk exercise vigilance for wildlife.

Photography Permits + Parking

Your photographer must obtain a permit from Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks prior to capturing your photos at Lost Gulch. To acquire the permit, you must reach out to Boulder OSMP and adhere to their application process outlined here. Additionally, your photographer must possess liability insurance and furnish a certificate of insurance to OSMP during the permit application procedure.

The fee for a limited annual permit, accommodating up to 50 visitors within one calendar year (comprising the photographer plus two clients equating to three visitors), is $50. Alternatively, an unlimited annual permit is available for $300.

If your car is not registered in Boulder County you’ll need to stop by the pay station to pay for parking. This is located at the first overlook on Flagstaff on the right hand-side of the road.

couple holding hands out towards the camera while they kiss in the background under the trees at lost gulch overlook in boulder colorado during their couples photoshoot

What is the Best Time of Day for Photo’s at Lost Gulch Overlook?

I generally prefer photographing at this location at sunset because I love how the sun comes through the trees and casts a beautiful glow over the city of Boulder. I also loveee blue hour at Lost Gulch Overlook because it paints the mountains such a beautiful blue and orange. Sunrise at Lost Gulch Overlook is very pretty, but it goes by very quickly. This will leave you with pretty harsh lighting as the sun gets higher in the sky.

cute latina couple sitting a field with their dog at Chautauqua park in boulder colorado during their couples photoshoot
couples standing on some rocks at lost gulch overlook in boulder colorado during their couples photoshootc

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