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engaged couple spinning each other around at Chautauqua park in boulder Colorado

Boulder, Colorado has one of the most epic locations only a few minutes away from it’s bustling downtown area. I absolutely LOVE photographing couples here because the lighting is always perfect and it’s super accessible compared to most mountain locations here in Colorado. Hence, why it’s probably one of the most popular choices among couples for engagement photos. Chautauqua Park truly captures the essence of Colorado’s natural beauty and serves as an amazing backdrop. This location has panoramic views, meadows, and even wildflowers if you hit the season right! Due to Chautauqua’s popularity, it is important to understand how to have a successful session and the rules that are in place to help preserve this special spot. I put together this comprehensive guide on how to have a magical engagement session at Chautauqua Park so you and your partner can have the best outcome for your photos!

engaged couple sitting on a mountain edge at lost gulch in boulder colorado during their engagement photos

Chautauqua Park Rules + Permitting Info.

Chautauqua Park is a public area, and it’s essential to check the latest guidelines regarding photography sessions. In order to take engagement photos at Chautauqua Park, you’ll need a permit. The permit is $50 for a year and is required for any sort of paid photography or portfolio building. If you park in the parking lot across from the Flatirons you need to pay a parking fee as well. You can do this via your phone or using the kiosk at the main trailhead into the park. Always ensure you’re following the park’s regulations to avoid any disruptions during your session.

engaged couple looking at eachother and smiling at eachother during their Chautauqua park engagement photos

When to Take Photos at Chautauqua Park

Early morning and late afternoon offer the best light for photography, with the golden hour providing a warm, soft light. My favorite time to photograph at Chautauqua Park is two hours before sunset. If you have your session any later than this, the sun dips behind the Flatirons so you won’t get those warm ‘glowy’ photos you were hoping for.

I recommend to all of my clients to have their session on a weekday to avoid crowds. I can’t promise it still won’t be busy but you have a better chance on weekdays. Finding parking on weekends can be incredibly difficult too.

cute aesthetic couple sitting in a field leaning against each other during their Chautauqua engagement photos

Seasons at the Flatirons

Each season at Chautauqua Park brings a different energy to photos. The different seasons bring their own unique palette, from the verdant greens of spring and summer, to the golden hues of fall, and the crisp whites of winter, making Chautauqua Park a versatile choice for year-round sessions.

Spring: The meadow that sits at the base of the Flatirons becomes green and wildflowers start to pop-up! It’s a great time of year if you love tall grasses and tiny flowers that dot the land.

Summer: This time of year Chautauqua Park’s meadow has tall green grasses that sway in the gentle breeze adding natural movement to your photos. There are still wildflowers of varying shades.

Fall: Chautauqua Park in the fall is full of tall yellow + brown grass fields that look like your walking through a wheat field at the base of a mountain!

Winter: The flatirons could be dusted with snow making for a magical winter backdrop for your photos.

fiance kissing his girl friends forehead while they hold hands in a field during their Chautauqua Park Engagement Photos

What to Wear for your Chautauqua Park Engagement Session

Your outfit choices should complement the natural setting of Chautauqua Park without blending in too much. I absolutely love neutrals and solid colors. Make sure that your partner’s outfit compliments your own. I usually suggest picking a color palette (Pinterest has a ton to choose from). Comfortable footwear is a must, especially if you plan to explore various locations within the park. My favorite are Blundestone’s like Miranda is wearing in these photos!

engaged couple laying in a field together in boulder colorado during their Chautauqua Park Engagement Photos

Extra Tips for a Successful Engagement Session

Be Yourselves: The most captivating engagement photos are those that capture your genuine connection. Interact naturally, and let your love for each other shine through. I love when my couples are playful with each other during sessions. It helps create those candid, documentary style photos we love so much!

Incorporate Personal Touches: Whether it’s a picnic setup, a beloved pet, or a meaningful accessory, personal touches can make your engagement session even more special. Bringing props can really add a lot of versatility to your images too. This helps to create stronger photos and overall better gallery. Chat with your photographer about what you can bring along!

Communicate with Your Photographer: Share your ideas, expectations, and any concerns you might have with your photographer ahead of time. A good photographer will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.

two dogs sitting in a field in boulder colorado during their colorado pet photography photoshoot
engaged couple sitting in a field during their Chautauqua Park Engagement Photos
engaged couple sitting a field kissing their dogs during their Chautauqua Park Engagement Photos
couple holding hands smiling at eachother while looking out at the mountains during their Chautauqua Park Engagement Photos

Ready to Book your Chautauqua Park Engagement Session?

Let chat! I would be so stoked to help you plan an amazing photoshoot at one of the most elite locations in all of Colorado. Reach out here to get started!

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